May 2019
It has been a very exciting month of May for me in the past two weeks and it's just the beginning of hte month.

On May 4th, with a few hours notice, I was called by the Theater Plauen-Zwickau to jump into the general rehearsal of Verdi's Aida and sing the title-role from the side, a role which I had already been working on slowly, but had never sung through entirely with an orchestra or on a stage. That was already very exciting! But the next day came the news that the sick colleague had cancelled the premiere as well and I was asked to sing it in concert form. So there you go, an unannounced, unexpected role début surrounded by a very supportive team. As the colleague cancelled the second performance as well, I had time to learn the role off copy and sing this time free from the score and acting on the stage with the colleagues.

If it had not been exciting enough, only four days after the Aida premiere, on May 10th, I received a call from my agent to jump in at the Deutsche Oper Berlin as Irene in Wagner's Rienzi, a role which I had not sung in eight years, in a very different version than the one I had sung. I made myself on the way to Berlin while studying the score and listening to a recording in order to try and remember the music as fast as possible. I arrived in the Deutsche Oper two hours before the beginning of the show and went straight to a rehearsal room with the coach, so he could teach me the parts that I had never sung before and off I went. What an incredibly exciting evening and what a warm supportive audience the Deutsche Oper has!! Thank you so much for the huge applause!
And on top of that, a great review at the Online Merker! (for review, visit the Review Page in this website)! What a great two weeks this has been!

Final bow at the Deutsche Oper (click on the photo to be redirected to the theatre website):

Februar 2018
Farewell open letter GMD Philippe Bach, from the Meininger Staatstheater, wrote to me and published in the Spektakel Newspaper.

November 2017
It is with a bitter-sweet thumping in my heart that I say that I will leave my beloved Meininger Staatstheater and from February 2018 onwards I will be joining the Soloist Ensemble of the German National Opera in Weimar. My career takes me forward to new and exciting adventures in this great theatre, but Meiningen will always have a piece of my heart.

October 2014
I have been nominated "Singer of the Year" in the internationally acclaimed opera magazin OPERNWELT by Tom Sutcliffe (Opera Now, New Directions; London), for my performance as Marschallin in Richard Strauss' Der Rosenkavalier. I personally thank and hug everyone of you, who have helped me directly and indirectly with this nomination! And let the hard work continue! (and the fun!)

11th April, 2013

I am delighted to announce that on this date I have been awarded the
Ulrich-Burkhardt-Förderpreis für junge Künstler 2013 (Patrons' Award for Young Artists 2013)
by the "Meininger Theaterfreunde e.V."

Thank you very much, it is a great honour and a great joy!

Camila Ribero-Souza

Interview for Charles Reid's podcast website "This Opera Life...", done in August 2011 (Meiningen - DE)